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  • Healthy Meal Planning Just Got a Lot Easier With This Automatic Tool

      Wouldn’t it be great if you could input some simple details about yourself into a webpage and then have it gives you an automatic meal plan for your whole day?. This website creates personalized meal plans for you automatically based on your diet, budget and schedule. A customized meal plan ¬†for you based on […]

  • the nostalgia machine

    Time After Time

    So this one is pretty easy to figure out. You choose a year (obviously from the past, although how cool would it be to be able to pick a year from the future and see who actually made it?) and it will suggest a whole bunch of song videos from that year. 1984, here I […]

  • Cat Streetview


    Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

    Ever wondered how cats see the world? I mean a better way than the usual crawling around the house, eating your dinner out of a dish, and suffering your mum’s less-than-impressed tone when you claimed you weren’t toilet trained. Well, now you can! The next best thing after Hello Kitty, this site lets you roam […]

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