Play Card Games With Your Friends Online

without pop up ads or being forced to join.

Avoid the various ‘free’ sites that overwhelm you with pop-up adverts and ask you to make an account if you are looking to play some card games with your friends.  You can use Playingcards ( to play whist, canasta, or even a basic game of snap with a virtual table and as many decks of cards as you want.

Table layouts for the most popular games are available on the home page.

After you’ve set up your table, share the URL with others to invite them to join you. All participants will view the same table and will be able to drag, flip, and move cards to their ‘hand,’ which is a portion at the bottom of the screen that only they can see. Because Playingcards lacks its own built-in chat feature, we recommend using a group call on zoom, etc,  in addition to it.

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