Play the Classic Version of Minesweeper or Solitaire on This Online Windows 3.1 Emulator

Or Just Play in Windows 3.1 in General

Wiindows 3.1 Classic Minesweeper


If you just want to kill some time with a game of Minesweeper or Classic Solitaire, don’t bother with the Microsoft Store versions, which are full of adverts and features terrible sound effects. Instead, play it in Windows 3.1 with Classic Reload’s emulator ( for a true retro experience. To load it, click the Play button in the centre of the screen. Open the games folder after you’ve seen the Windows 3.1 desktop, then double-click Minesweeper.

After you’ve finished enjoying Minesweeper, the emulator also allows you to explore other sections of Windows 3.1, so you can remind yourself how relatively simplistic yet functional this old operating system was.

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