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Instant conversions for a ton of popular currencies – and accessible from a PDA too, for on-the-road conversion. is a no-nonsense, no-frills site that does the business.

The website is just about the most famous site in the world when it comes to finding out what your currency is worth in other countries. It is the preferred choice for many people who need to know about currency conversions on a regular basis.

What is the URL to go directly to it?

The homepage address is simply, but the exact web address for the currency converter itself is

What is it like?

This universal currency converter is supremely easy to use and pleasant to view.  The first thing you will notice is how professional looking the site itself is.  It appeals to a wide cross section of people in all kinds of jobs and positions.

The page also has good information on how the currency converter works and how to use it, which is ideal for the beginner who has never viewed the site before.  But the converter itself is positioned near the top of the page, so when it loads you can use it straightaway without scrolling through any instructions.

It’s perfect for anyone who knows exactly what they are doing.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, the currency converter is very self explanatory.  All you need to do is enter the amount that you want to convert in the first box.  Once you have done that you can select your own currency from the first box you see.  This contains eighty five of the most frequently searched for currencies in the whole world.

You then select the destination currency that you want to convert that amount into from the second box.  You’ll notice that there is a link underneath each box which says ‘more currencies’.  If you click on either of these links you will be taken into the complete converter, which allows you to choose from any currency available, instead of just the most popular ones.

But if you stay with the quick converter and you have selected the two currencies you are converting from and to, then all that is left to do is to hit the ‘Go’ button.

You will then see the results appear on the next screen.  Along with clear conversion figures, you will also clearly see the exchange rate that has been applied to the conversion.  This is kept up to date according to the live rates as well, so you will always get the most recent exchange rate that is applicable.  Not only that but they give you the exact time that is relevant as well.  This is one example of how good they are when it comes to attention to detail.

If you do want any advice there are basic instructions on how to use it underneath the converter itself.  It also provides a link for you to find out more about three letter currency codes, as well as the symbols which are relevant to each currency.

Are there any particular features worth noting?

One of the best parts of this currency converter is that it doesn’t list all the currencies in alphabetical order on the converter itself.  This might seem to make sense but the chances are there will only be a few of the most popular currencies that you are interested in.  That is why they make a point of listing the top favorite ones right at the top, so you don’t need to waste time scrolling down to find them.

You will also see that once you have done one conversion between currencies, you can immediately do another one without changing screens.  The only difference you will see is that instead of having a box which scrolls through the currencies available, you will click on a drop down box and make your selection from there instead.

It does keep the previous currencies you exchanged from and to in the boxes though, so if you want to try a few different amounts it is very easy and fast to do so.

In conclusion

In short this is a great site to use, and if you perform currency conversions regularly it’s worth keeping it open as a page in your browser.

The up to date nature of the site makes it one of the best ones when it comes to accuracy and getting the latest information.  It can even help you to work out when the best time will be to convert one currency into another for real, in order to get the best possible deal.

This is certainly a top choice for an online currency converter.

Check it out for yourself, or the direct link for the actual currency convertor is

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