Tree of Life : Interconnected Interactive Map of the Species of Earth!


If you have ever wanted a visual representation of how all the known species of earth related to each other, you are going to love this website! It presents a “Tree of life” representing how the various types of species on our planet relate to each other and how they have evolved from similar species.
It is fun to use as you zoom in or out on whatever interests you and this shows even more related species. You can then click on one to pull up more information from the wikipedia page for that particular species.
It offers a wealth of biodiversity information, such as spatial distributions and descriptions of species as well as trait data, among other things.
You can also sponsor ” a leaf on the tree of life” to help the  OneZoom charity provide easy access to scientific knowledge on biodiversity and evolution.
No matter if you are a biologist or an average person with an interest in nature and the world around us, this site is a very impressive resource for finding out more about any life form you can think of from the world of evolutionary biology.
This site has been receiving rave reviews from both scientists and lay people alike, as it offers an amazing and easy to use way of exploring the diversity of life on planet earth.

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