Tonometric: Test if you are tone deaf, tone differentiation, pitch identification, etc

tonedeaf testTonometric is a site that lets you check out your ability to differentiate between different tones, etc.
Ever wonder if you are really “Tone Deaf” (called “congenital amusia” by science) ?
Now you can find out for yourself with this interactive website.
It’s a very good way of testing for overall pitch perception ability.
Will you score the required 80%? Don’t worry if you don’t, even excellent musicians rarely beat that score.

Also try the “Adaptive Pitch” test, which determines how well you differentiate between two different pitches, the better you are, the harder this test gets.

The Rhythm test lets you check out how well you can notice subtle differences in rhythms, and the AMVI test ( Audio Musical Visual Intelligence) checks out how well you can match up each sound with an abstract symbol.

Check out these tests at

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