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If you have a computer, and you probably do if you’re reading this, the time will come when you need to burn something to disc. This can be a good way of backing up important data such as photos, documents, movies, etc. Before you run out and buy expensive disc burning software, I’d like to tell you about a great program that does all that and is completely free!

CDBurnerXP may have a simple name, but its also simple to use and doesn’t just burn CDs, but also Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It can also create audio CDs and burn discs  from ISO images.

Basically, this program does all the essentials that you need and that you’d normally have to pay for if you chose other similar big name software.

It also has a data verification option, an important feature if you want to be sure the disc has burned correctly. An added bonus is the ability to print simple covers.

You can also save a project (list of files to be copied to disc) for later re-use.

I would call this an essential piece of software for anyone looking for a free alternative to paying for a reliable disc burning program that is easy to use and does everything you’re likely to need in a disc burning program.

Click here to check out the homepage for further info and to download it.

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