Godzilla Humidifier

Gozilla Humidifier

Straight outta Japan!

This Godzilla Humidifier is sure to be a conversation piece in your home, now you can add humidity to your room in a very fun and unique way!

There are a few options to cycle through, pushing down on his back spine for about 2-3 seconds will turn him on (it will play a short starting song and the lights will turn on and he’ll roar), and to start the humidifier running you push down once on his spine again and it will start continuous mode, pushing down on his spine again will start intermittent mode (he’ll do two short roars and then the breath will stop and puff out in little streams), and pushing down again will switch him back to continuous. You can also push up on his spine and he will roar and cycle thru silent, normal and loud. Holding up on his spine for 2 seconds will play a theme song with roars and stomping noises! To turn him off, hold the back spine down for a few seconds, the lights will turn off and he will play a short song and then roar. He also makes a great night light with those led’s! 🙂 You do not need an adapter as he will plug right into any two prong electrical outlet.

Check out this Godzilla Humidifier here.

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