Essential Free Software for PC Security

Whenever I get a new computer or reinstall Windows. The first thing i do once i get online is download and install what, in my opinion, is some of the best free security software available.

Here I’m going to give you a brief rundown of the programs I recommend and consider essential.

So you’ve got your shiny new computer and it’s finally connected online, now what?
If you want to keep it running at its full potential and stay safe online, theres certain things you really must do.

The first thing I recommend downloading is Firefox (you may have heard of it!). It is well known to be much safer than the default Internet Explorer browser, as it’s less prone to malwares that install themselves without asking.

You can always get the latest version at

The next thing I do as an additional layer of protection is install SpywareBlaster. This is available for free and adds a blacklist of many many potentially dangerous web addresses to both Firefox and Internet Explorer. The urls it blacklists from being loaded on your computer are heavily associated with adware,spyware and malware, bad stuff you wannt to avoid getting onto your computer.

Get it at the SpywareBlaster Homepage.

You’re going to need a good antivirus program next, and also a good firewall, as the one that comes with Windows is a little basic.

But before we get to that, I recommend you uninstall some of the stuff that comes preinstalled on your computer. New computers usually come with antivirus trial software pre-installed, along with other such trials that are unneeded, annoying, and slow up your computer.

The easiest way of uninstalling these unwanted programs is by using a program called PC Decrapifier.
This is a program that can automatically uninstall a whole bunch of these programs, it’s really useful and saves a ton of time.

You can download it free for personal use from the PC Decrapifier website

Now I’ll get to the firewall, I ( and many others ) strongly recommend Comodo Firewall. You can download the standalone firewall or you can download the security suite, which includes an antivirus program. If you don’t want to be too perfectionist about things, I recommend doing this as its a quick and easy solution. More on an alternative idea later .

You can get these from the Comodo website.

The antivirus software I personally prefer is Avast Antivirus. It has a nice user interface, updates daily automatically, and has a cool voice announcement when it does ( also if it finds anything during scans). Most importantly it has a good track recording in detecting viruses.

This is available from the Avast Antivirus website and it’s free for personal use, all you have to do is reregister your email address yearly and thats a very easy process from within the program.

Generally, its recommended you only install one antivirus program, or else they can conflict with each other. But I found that Avast Antivirus and Comodo Antivirus can be both installed, I simply disabled Comodo Antivirus and I use Avast as my main antivirus constantly running. This way there is no conflicts and Comodo Antivirus can still be used from the right click context menu as a second opinion scan of folders and files.

A good Anti-Spyware/Anti-adware/Anti-malware scanner I recommend is Malwarebytes AntiMalware. Run it occasionally, after clicking “update” inside it of course, to detect and remove any unwanted nasties that may have found their way onto your computer somehow.

To make Firefox more secure against keyloggers,( malicious programs that can steal your passwords or anything else you type)  theres a Firefox Extension called KeyScrambler that you may consider using if you’re the paranoid type about privacy and security or if you do a lot of business online with internet banking, paypal, etc. where you are dealing with passwords or personal information a lot. Check it out and download the personal (free) version here.

I will add to this post as and when I find or think of anything else. Got any recommendations? Feel free to comment!

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