Earn Money by Answering Questions People have

If you have been on the internet this long, chances are you’ve seen websites such as Yahoo Answers.

These are sites where people can ask questions and other people answer them. These questions can be absolutely anything at all, so chances are that you are able to help with many.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were actually getting paid for doing this at the same time?

Well now you can earn money for answering questions from people!

Webanswers is a website, very similar to sites like Yahoo Answers, but the major difference is that you can actually earn money as you ask or answer questions!

Registering for Webanswers is very simple and only takes a minute. After that, you can immediately begin answering questions.

This is a very suitable residual income maker for anyone who has previously used Yahoo Answers, etc, and finds themselves often researching random things online.

It’s also a nice feeling to know you are helping to answer questions other people may be seeking an answer to.

Check out how Webanswers works for further details or visit the Webanswers website here.

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