5 Best Free Online Virus Scan Services with Multiple Antivirus Engines

It should be common knowledge now that no Antivirus software has a failsafe 100% virus or malware detection rate. Occasionally, a real effective Antivirus can skip a file that’s really a virus and some of the times it can detect a file as a virus when its not really a virus. When a virus scanner fails to notice a virus in a file its called a false negative and  the detection of a file as a virus when its not really a virus is called a false positive.

In order to save your files from false positive and false negative you can use online virus scanners with multiple antivirus engines so you can more easily decide if a file contains a virus or not.

Here is a list of 5 best online virus scanners which utilize multiple Antivirus engines that can offer you peace of mind about suspect files.

The largest file size to upload in all below services is 20MB.

1. Virus Total

Virus Total is a free Virus and Malware Scan service with about 40 virus scanners. Some of the virus scanners can give you false positive or false negative but if most of the antivirus engines detect a file as a virus you should consider that file as a virus.

You can also send files through email to Virus Total. Detailed instructions to send Email are available at this link.

You can also download Virus Total Uploader which will enable you to send files directly from your system to Virus Total using the right click context menu.

2. VirScan

VirScan scan files using 36 virus scanner engines. If you want to scan compressed (Zip/RAR) files, you can scan them by setting the password of the file “infected” or “virus”.

3. novirusthanks

novirusthanks is another online virus scan service with 24 virus scanner engines. You can scan either a file or web address. Therefore, this service can also help you to detect malicious websites.  A detailed report will be generated after virus scan.

4. Jotti

Jotti uses about 20 virus scanner engines to scan your files. All scanners used are linux based therefore, detection differences with Windows based scanners can occur.

5. Filterbit

Filterbit uses metascan Antivirus engines which includes ESET, Microworld, VirusBlaster, CA (Computer Associates), Norman Data Defense Systems and ClamAV. It can also identify virus in file archive containing multiple files such as Winzip, WinRar and PKZip.

We hope that these services will keep your computer safe from malwares and viruses. Which service you use to scan your files? Do you know of any other nice online scanner service?

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