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    Forgotify: The Never Before Heard Songs of Spotify

    Forgotify is a website which plays only the songs on Spotify that have NEVER been heard by anyone before. They literally have a listen count of zero, Until you come along! You can now be the first to hear these songs, maybe there is some real works of art just waiting for someone to come along […]

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    419Eater: Scamming the Scammers!

    419Eater is a Forum Website for people who want to get revenge on online scammers, you know the ones, the “Nigerian Princes”, etc, who randomly email you telling you they are going to put hundreds of thousands of dollars into your bank account if you only help them in some way. Of course, this would […]

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    A Website That Shows the Debts of Many Countries in Realtime

    Ever wanted to know what the debts are of your country or any other country, in real time? Now is your chance. It shows Interest per year, per second, debt per citizen, debt as percentage of GDP, as well as information on the population of each country and other interesting facts, such as what you could […]

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    Breathing Earth : Realtime Statistics on a Global Map

    If you are interested in the overall picture of whats happening in our world concerning realtime events, you might want to check this out. Breathing Earth is a simple website that displays realtime statistics overlayed on a global map. The statistics it shows are the births and deaths that have occured since you began watching, […]

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    Tonometric: Test if you are tone deaf, tone differentiation, pitch identification, etc

    Tonometric is a site that lets you check out your ability to differentiate between different tones, etc. Ever wonder if you are really “Tone Deaf” (called “congenital amusia” by science) ? Now you can find out for yourself with this interactive website. It’s a very good way of testing for overall pitch perception ability. Will you […]

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    Real Writing Jobs online

    There is so many opportunities to make money online. One of them is with writing jobs. But with so many scams around, it’s hard to know where to start. Real writing Jobs is a site that connects you with genuine writing jobs. These can consist of such things as Get Paid to write articles, stories […]

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    SheToldMe: 100% Adsense Revenue sharing

    There is several websites allowing you to earn from adsense by sharing revenue with you when you post content. is a similar site, but instead of writing content, you make links to your blog posts, etc, with a short description. It is perfectly fine to link to your own content and the site actually […]

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    Earn Money by Answering Questions People have

    If you have been on the internet this long, chances are you’ve seen websites such as Yahoo Answers. These are sites where people can ask questions and other people answer them. These questions can be absolutely anything at all, so chances are that you are able to help with many. Wouldn’t it be great if […]

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    British royalty dined on human flesh

    They have long been famed for their love of lavish banquets and rich recipes.  But what is less well known is that the British royals also had a taste for human flesh. A new book on medicinal cannibalism has revealed that possibly as recently as the end of the 18th century British royalty swallowed parts […]