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    Exposing The Hidden Facts About Water Fluoridation

    All our lives, most of us who live in water fluoridated areasĀ  have been told fluoride is added to our tap water especially to prevent tooth decay. As well as many studies proving conclusively that water fluoridation does not help tooth health much if at all, there is another story to the whole fluoride-in-water issue. […]

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    Fitness Online: Online Fitness Resources and Articles

    Nowadays, most people wish they were at least a little bit, if not a lot, fitter than they currently are. If you’re one of them, a good place to start is finding a website with informative, interesting articles about how to get fit, or at least fitter than you currently are, and stay fit. This […]

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    WebMD: Lots of good medical information and health advice

    Maintaining good health is something that is important to everyone and with so much information online its hard to know where to start. A good place to start is WebMD. It contains comprehensive information on a large variety of medical ailments, health conditions, etc. As well as tips and advice on maintaining overall fitness and […]

  • , – The World’s Healthiest Foods

    This is a very informative website containing lots of information on “The World’s Healthiest Foods”. These are all healthy, affordable foods that taste good and are easily obtainable from your local foodstore. It contains detailed nutritional information as well as detailed descriptions of the health benefits of eating each particular food, its history and other […]