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    Canadian Kids Try to Figure Out 80s Technology

    Canadian kids are shown 80’s technology and can’t figure out what it is. Things are a lot different to kids growing up these days, they have ipods and impressive games consoles, we had walkmans and rubiks cubes, then Gameboy’s were as good as it got. Reporter Jean-Christophe Laurence sat down with some kids and showed […]

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    Woman texting on phone walks into mall fountain, caught on security tape

    A girl is too busy texting on her phone to bother looking where shes going, it gives the mall security something to talk about on tape later. Related articles Woman who fell while texting sues mall ( Texting shopper who fell in mall fountain… ( Texter who fell in fountain threatens to sue (

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    Cute Puppies Versus Spring Door Stops

    Puppies vs. Spring Door Stops Heroic puppies fight against their natural enemies — spring door stops. [amazonjs asin=”0316578398″ locale=”US” title=”The Art of Raising a Puppy”]