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    The Split Stick – Double sided usb flash drive

    The Split Stick is a double-sided USB drive. Well what is the point of that? I hear you say. This enables you to have a flash drive for work and a flash drive for play, as an all in one flash drive! No more getting your business files mixed up with your leisure time files! […]

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    Everybody Masturbates

    About the Story: Billy is a 10 year old boy with a big problem. His older brother just told him that he was going to grow hair on his hands. Now it’s up to Billy’s dad to explain to Billy that what he was doing was normal and OK.Respectfully Discusses: What is masturbation Why it […]

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    Corn Poop Shaped Hand/Bar Soap

    Imagine how your friends are going to react when they use your bathroom and find a very real looking piece of poop in the soap dish! This fake poo soap is realistic, complete with corn pieces for added effect! It’s completely usable even. Thankfully the makers didn’t add a fake poop smell too, or you […]

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    Talking TP Toilet Paper Spindle, Model# TTP-01

    Surprise your friends with a personal recorded message when they go to use your toilet paper. You can even record your own messages! It’s motion sensor detects when they pull the toilet paper. The ideal bathroom novelty surprise when they least expect it! Get Talking TP Toilet Paper Spindle, Model# TTP-01 now.

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    Obama toilet paper

    This Barack Obama inspired toilet paper is sure to either annoy your friends or get them to laugh, but which will it be? Depending on if they are republican or democrat, they are sure to express or show lack of political humour! Can we wipe our ass? Yes we can! Click here to get Obama […]

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    Novelty toilet paper $100 dollar bills

    If you ever felt like you were flushing money down the toilet, now you can.If you think buying this product is flushing money away, just be glad it’s only a gag! Click here to get this novelty fake money toilet paper.

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    Glow in the dark toilet paper

                    This Glow in the Dark Toilet Roll bathroom novelty is perfect for if there’s suddenly a power failure while you’re sitting on the toilet late at night. Buy it here.

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    If We Can Keep a Severed Head Alive…

    If We Can Keep a Severed Head Alive… If you’re willing to ponder hard about scary stuff that might actually happen in the future, this is a fascinating book. The author is an engineer, lawyer, and patent attorney. He doesn’t press for it, or oppose it. rather, he lays out the facts in clear English, […]

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    Urine Therapy! Confessions Of A Mad Pee Drinker

    Urine Therapy! Confessions Of A Mad Pee Drinker Upon initial glancing of the cover of this book, it would seem to be a joke, judging by the related books amazon suggests (see link) there are many people who take the alleged health benefits of drinking urine seriously. Are they taking the piss?  You decide! Click […]