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    Tree of Life : Interconnected Interactive Map of the Species of Earth!


    If you have ever wanted a visual representation of how all the known species of earth related to each other, you are going to love this website! It presents a “Tree of life” representing how the various types of species on our planet relate to each other and how they have evolved from similar species.
    It is fun to use as you zoom in or out on whatever interests you and this shows even more related species. You can then click on one to pull up more information from the wikipedia page for that particular species.
    It offers a wealth of biodiversity information, such as spatial distributions and descriptions of species as well as trait data, among other things.
    You can also sponsor ” a leaf on the tree of life” to help the  OneZoom charity provide easy access to scientific knowledge on biodiversity and evolution.
    No matter if you are a biologist or an average person with an interest in nature and the world around us, this site is a very impressive resource for finding out more about any life form you can think of from the world of evolutionary biology.
    This site has been receiving rave reviews from both scientists and lay people alike, as it offers an amazing and easy to use way of exploring the diversity of life on planet earth.

    Check it out at http://www.onezoom.org/

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    Healthy Meal Planning Just Got a Lot Easier With This Automatic Tool


    Wouldn’t it be great if you could input some simple details about yourself into a webpage and then have it gives you an automatic meal plan for your whole day?.

    This website creates personalized meal plans for you automatically based on your diet, budget and schedule.

    A customized meal plan  for you based on such factors as, for example, your normal dietary type such as vegetarian, vegan, paleo, etc and also how many meals you would like to eat in a day ( with options of between one and nine!)  and according to what  your desired calorie intake per day is.
    It gives you some tasty but healthy suggestions for each meal, complete with a picture, ingredients needed and even how long it takes to prepare.
    This site aims to save your time and energy while at the same time, giving you complete control over your meal planning process.
    It has a growing food and recipe database and it even incorporates a service that will let you order the ingredients online right from the website!  They also have mobile apps on both Iphone and Android.
    You can fine tune your selections even further by blocking any foods you don’t want and also “liking” foods you’d like to have more often. You can re-generate meals, specific recipes, or even whole days with just a click of your mouse and you can easily edit them with the click and drag user-interface.
    The site is free to use, although it has optional paid upgrades, but the free service is very impressive.

    This site is worth checking out for anyone trying to eat healthier, follow specific dietary needs, or to lose a little weight or cut out junk food. They’re trying to streamline the process of eating well! They have even thought of the concept of leftover food, something we all know to well, and recurring foods, to further simplify the process of eating healthier on a daily basis!


    Check it out at https://www.eatthismuch.com

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    Time After Time

    the nostalgia machine

    the nostalgia machine

    So this one is pretty easy to figure out. You choose a year (obviously from the past, although how cool would it be to be able to pick a year from the future and see who actually made it?) and it will suggest a whole bunch of song videos from that year.

    1984, here I come!

    Check it out at thenostalgiamachine.com




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    Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

    Cat Streetview

    Cat StreetviewEver wondered how cats see the world? I mean a better way than the usual crawling around the house, eating your dinner out of a dish, and suffering your mum’s less-than-impressed tone when you claimed you weren’t toilet trained.

    Well, now you can! The next best thing after Hello Kitty, this site lets you roam around downtown Hiroshima at cat-level and hang out with fellow Japanese felines. It’s pretty darn cute. There’s even a map in the lower left corner to help you find other (REAL!) cats. Every cat is tagged with a blue kitty-headed symbol above its head to make sure you don’t miss any!

    The Japanese really know what we want from technology.

    Check it out here.

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